Stempky Gardens - Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance

Maintenance Programs Available

  1. Spring and Fall Clean-Up: removal and clearing away any seasonal debris left over from winter and help your plants return to their ideal state. Cutting down of perennials before the winter begins and removal of fall leaves from flower beds.

  2. Property Maintenance
  3. Water Feature Opening and Closing: Each spring we will drain, clean and make any necessary repairs to your water feature and fill it back up, ready for the Summer. Each Fall, we will Winterize your water feature by removing the pump and refill device, blow out lines (as needed) and get your feature ready for the cold months ahead.

  4. Total Monthly Site Care: We’ll visit once a month or more if needed, removing weeds, collecting debris and keeping your yard healthy. This Program also includes Spring and Fall Clean-up, and Shrub Trimming.
    (If you would like only one or two of these services, please let us know, and we will tailor your maintenance program to you and your budget.)

  5. Tree Pruning: Broken tree limbs? Disease taking over? Competing Branches? Trees growing into each other? We will come out and remove all dead/diseased/competing limbs. This will allow the Tree the best chance to grow and to heal itself naturally without the need for pesticides.

  6. Property Maintenance
  7. Irrigation Problems: More water is not always the solution. Too much water can be just as harmful as too little water. Let Stempky Gardens come and assess the water needs for your Lawn or Flower Beds and help to save you money. We will trouble shoot any issues, and come up with a plan to set things on track.

  8. Winter Maintenance: Many trees are only able to be trimmed in the cold winter months, due to diseases and pests that abound in the warmer months. There is also potential for winter damage due to snowfall and ice that is harmful to the plants though they are dormant. Allow us to take care of these issues for you. We will come out in the winter time and trim/take away broken branches.