Stempky Gardens

Landscape Design and Planning

At Stempky Gardens we offer landscape plans in 2D as well as in 3D. A landscape design provides you with a visual aid that allows you to understand and see how your landscape will look before installation. With our cutting-edge 3D design software, achieving a standout landscape that fuses both form and functionality is easy.

This feature gives our clients a chance to suggest or recommend improvement on the overall design or remove certain features that they don't like. They can also have a clearer vision of the landscape even before we start with the installation process. 2D designs and 3D designs are both working plans that allows for changes to be made before the installation process begins, as well as during the project. Many times due to unforeseen issues (buried gas lines, cable lines, drain tiles etc.) the plan will need to be modified. If this needs to happen, our design team will inform you of any changes needed to be made and consult you on new ideas.

Landscape Design and Planning Landscape Design and Planning