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We specialize in the design, installation, and maintenance of beautiful and long-lasting gardens, hardscapes, water features, and irrigation systems
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Themed Gardens

Themed Gardens, Saline, MI All of the landscapes that Stempky Gardens install have a basic theme to them. There are many themes to choose from when designing a landscape. We here at Stempky Gardens excel in Woodland, Water, Japanese and Formal Themed Gardens. Working with many types of stone, moss-covered trees, and a plethora of different plants, shrubs and trees, our design team has the ability to blend your new landscape into its surroundings while still making it look like it has been there for years.

Feel free to tell us any ideas or themes that you have in mind from perennial gardens, herb/vegetable gardens, water gardens, cottage gardens, etc. Where ever your interests lie, we will work with them.

Stempky Gardens stands as a unique provider of themed gardens. We are among the top custom landscape designers because we can create stunning landscapes in any theme.

Range of Themes For Gardens

Themes are intentional landscape architecture. They allow you to use your property to pursue a personal goal. A themed garden has a clear emphasis, which makes it simpler to apply general design concepts. You can personalize your space by selecting a theme that speaks to your tastes, such as a water garden, Zen garden, or aviary. The following are some examples of themes we can help with:

  • Wildflower Garden - With its wide range of self-sustaining blooms, wildflower gardens thrive despite limited resources like soil and water.

  • Butterfly Garden - All you have to do is grow the right kind of flowers for a yard full of butterflies.

  • Rock Garden - A rock garden can be the perfect solution if you have limited outdoor space or a problem location in your yard.

  • Tropical Garden - Large and impressive tropical gardens are a great way to spruce any outdoor space.

  • Zen Garden - If you stick to the original idea, a Zen garden is designed to highlight and complement the surrounding landscape.

We also offer water-efficient garden designs to meet your needs and preferences. For more details, please call Stempky Gardens at 734-429-2299. If you prefer to write to us, please use this Contact Us form, and we will call you back soon to discuss your project details.

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